About Us


Latexnet is a social network to support the ever growing latex community from experienced enthusiasts to brand new discoveries.

I wanted to create a friendly site where each person here joins to help another. From talking about your favourite material, looking for advice or where to buy from, Latexnet will grow to be a place that will put you in touch with people who may be able to help.  No question is a silly question!

One of things I have realised is there are people out there who have partners who do not share their interests in latex. Some do not know about your lifestyle, some know and are willing to support and either do not take part or join in.  Also very similar questions about "How do I introduce my partner to latex?" My wife is a supporter of my fetish and I wanted to create a safe space where partners can join, log in and speak to other partners in a similar situations.

Latexnet is a paid membership network which helps us to keeps things running smoothly, safe, secure and continuously updated with new features.  Updates and new features are posted on the site so you can see what will be coming soon.

Join now, set up your profile and start getting involved.  We look forward to seeing you in the community.

Ken, Jim and Kathryn

Coming soon;

  • Who are we - the owners and creators
  • Links to sites
  • How too's - Make it work
  • Sponsored Banners
  • Upcoming events
  • Photo albums connected to profiles - able to share on other social media